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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Ted Patrick (Sencha, USA)

Ted Patrick currently holds the position of Director of Developer Relations at Sencha. He works with developers to create applications using web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Prior to Sencha, Ted worked at Barnes and Noble on NOOK Apps and on Flash & Flex at Adobe Systems.

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BOF: Building Native Apps with Web Frameworks

How credible are native apps built on web technologies? Can you build for web and convert to native or do you have to maintain separate code bases? What web frameworks and build systems are you considering? Brightcove App Cloud, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, jquery mobile, PhoneGap/Cordova or something else. More...

Hello Sencha: HTML5 Applications

In this session Ted Patrick will walk you through Sencha's frameworks for building mobile and desktop applications using web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. We will cover the framework's foundation (OOP+MVC), standard libraries, containers, components, xtype rendering, and most importantly cross-browser support. Bring an open mind and a laptop, we will be building applications from scratch; feel free to follow along. Sencha provides frameworks, tools, and services for building professional applications with HTML5. More...

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Along the way, he founded 4 companies as an entrepreneur, raised vcfunding, and sold 1. Ted loves to write software. No, He really,really, loves to write software. So much he can hardly think of it aswork. Ted especially loves to help solve the hard strategy problems incombining business and software.

The past 2 years have been filled with learning the ins and outs ofthe Android Operating System and how best to write software forphone-tablet form factor devices (IOS/Android). Lately, Ted dove headfirst into building apps using HTML5. When he is not writing code, youwill find me either spending time with his family or scuba diving.

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