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Robin Hilliard (Rocketboots, Australia)

Robin Hilliard is founder and CTO of RocketBoots, an innovative technology company providing advisory, application development and hard science services to some of Australia's leading organisations. From mobile apps and robots to RIAs, publishing workflow and computer vision applications, RocketBoots is out to prove that great software can change the world.

Speaking On

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Requirements Makeover

Why do genius development teams regularly turn out mediocre software? One of the key causes is the failure to clearly frame the problem they're trying to solve in their software requirements. Don't waste your team's time solving the wrong problems for another year - get to the interesting problems, and unlock your inner genius. More...

Speaker Details

Formerly with Allaire and Macromedia, Robin is an experienced software architect and Adobe Ambassador with a BSc in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics from Sydney University. He is a passionate advocate for common sense approaches to solving real world problems with technology, from initial engagement to requirements, agile methodologies and all kinds of testing.

Robin is the creator of several open source projects, a regular conference speaker and moonlights as the compare of CodeWar. He is based in Sydney, Australia.

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