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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Matthew Hodgson (Zen Ex Machina, Australia)

Two decades ago, Matthew was building experiences into the first generation of multi-player online games. Today, he is the Senior Executive for UX + Agile at Zen Ex Machina – responsible for design thinking, social media marketing tactics, user-experience, and coaching of Scrum for both designers and developers. Over the last few years, Matthew has been responsible for delivering the experience design for the CHOICE Magazine website, Medicare Australia’s involvement in the national eHealth records program, AHIA’s social business and digital strategy, and the introduction of user-centred agile methods to several large corporate and Federal Government agencies. Matthew is best known as an IA, Agilist, strategist, and international speaker who lives by the axiom “the only power in knowledge is to share it”.

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The Trouble with Time Travel

Many UX practitioners own their own TARDIS – it’s the pattern many of us have adopted so designers can work with development teams using Agile methods by designing up-front and then working behind to iterate the designs. While some suggest that its best practice, does it actually reap the benefits that Agile has to offer? What are its pitfalls, what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to just doing up-front design, and are there any smarter ways of becoming agile, whether working solo, in design teams, or working on end-to-end projects? More...

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