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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Geoff Bowers (Daemon, Australia)

Geoff's the CEO and application architect for Daemon Internet Consultants. As an Adobe Master Instructor, father of FarCry, and keeper of the Goog, Geoff keeps his hand in doing a bit of ColdFusion here and there.

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Make Your Website Fly! Varnish Cache Unleashed

Going in circles retrofitting a legacy app with one foot nailed to the floor? Optimised the daylights out of your web app but still want that nitro boost to performance? Building a modern "HTTP Accelerator" or "Reverse Proxy" is easy. Learn the strategies you need to turbo charge your site by sweeping all the (crap code|lousy infrastructure|insert problem) under the carpet, and caching pages in front of your web site instead. More...

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Its the traditional Jerry Springer style round table of industry pundits and audience participation. Bring your questions 'cos here's your chance to get those burning issues off your chest. More...

Speaker Details

No stranger to putting on a song and dance, Geoff's been invited to speak at Allaire/Macromedia DevCons (1999 Boston, 2000 Washington and 2001 Orlando), InternetWorld, FlashKit and other venues. Sick of traipsing off to the US, Geoff and fellow Daemonites founded webDU and decided to have the world's best technology conference right here in the Antipodes.

Apart from all the hard yakka working for Daemon, Geoff's a regular poster to the Daemonite blog, one of the lead developers behind FarCry CMS , and Master of Full As A Goog. And in his freetime, he's a CFUG regular and the list-admin for CFAUSSIE, FUGLI and a host of other Australian mailing lists. Geoff's also the co-author of the best selling "ColdFusion Developer Study Guide".

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