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Brandy Fortune (Georgia, USA)

Brandy Fortune currently works for Cingular Wireless, the United States largest wireless carrier. In April 2003 Brandy was a part of the team that made Cingular Wireless was one of the first commercial websites to embrace CSS layout and XHTML. As Brandy moved back and forth between creating clean and simple user interfaces and coding them, she mastered the translation of design into code.

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Throughout her career Brandy was continually exposed to Information Architecture and Usability Studies, this fueled her desire to create designs that had longevity and document-able success. Brandy was granted a promotion and left the "Human Centered Design" group within Cingular to move into the Sales organization, to proliferate the Usability Methodologies she had found to be successful over the years.


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Brandy Fortune
(Georgia, USA)