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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Website to Webapp - Designing for Workflow

Web applications are much easier to design than traditional websites, right? I mean there's only one page in the site map! How hard could it be? Right?

  • Difficulty: General
  • Prerequisites: Interest in Web Applications and Web Design
  • Session Track: UX Design,Safe for Managers,Microsoft,RIA

Session Detail

As we see more and more "Rich Internet Applications" on the web, traditional techniques we used for designing web SITES are falling short.

How do you draw a site-map for a one page site? How do you document a user interface that makes heavy use of animations and transitions? How do we support a shift from users finding their way to information, to users summoning information to them?

These are questions that have been answered by designers of traditional desktop applications for 20 years now. What lessons can web application designers learn from traditional desktop applications, and vice versa?



Shane Morris (Automatic Studio, Melbourne)

Shane Morris is one of Australia’s most respected user experience professionals. Through consulting, mentoring and training he has helped organisations create compelling digital experiences since 1991. In that time he has worked on desktop applications, internet applications, mobile user interfaces, physical devices and web sites. Shane has taught user experience topics around the world and is a key contributor to “101 Things I Learned in Interaction Design School” at ixd101.com. More...

Shane Morris (Automatic Studio, Melbourne)