WebDU 2011
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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Node.js - is that it?

Node.js ships with a wide range of features in its standard lib, but what if your company requires a gopher server capable of 100,000 concurrent users? Join Jared as he explains how to extend Node.js through Javascript and C++.

  • Difficulty: Experienced


Jared Wyles (BigCommerce, Sydney)

Jared (@rioter) is currently a senior software engineer at BigCommerce with a secret double life as a open source advocate. Having started life as a C programmer, unsurprisingly, his career has had some interesting turns. Despite the language changes, one thing has remained constant - his love of programming and sharing that love with the world. Having recently finished sharing that love with jsconf.eu he is now back to Australia to spread it even further! More...

Jared Wyles (BigCommerce, Sydney)