WebDU 2011
WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference
Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Make Your Website Fly! Varnish Cache Unleashed

Going in circles retrofitting a legacy app with one foot nailed to the floor? Optimised the daylights out of your web app but still want that nitro boost to performance? Building a modern "HTTP Accelerator" or "Reverse Proxy" is easy. Learn the strategies you need to turbo charge your site by sweeping all the (crap code|lousy infrastructure|insert problem) under the carpet, and caching pages in front of your web site instead.

  • Difficulty: Fundamental


Geoff Bowers (Daemon, Australia)

Geoff's the CEO and application architect for Daemon Internet Consultants. As an Adobe Master Instructor, father of FarCry, and keeper of the Goog, Geoff keeps his hand in doing a bit of ColdFusion here and there. More...

Geoff Bowers (Daemon, Australia)