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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Finding Usability in your Work Flow

Creating a great 'User Experience' is now expected not only of the Usability Specialist, but also of the entire project team. More than ever, web practitioners across all roles within a team are required to have knowledge of and even experience in conducting user research and usability testing. The current economic climate adds to this pressure as businesses strive to get the best from their online investments.

  • Difficulty: General
  • Prerequisites: A desire to make applications usable.
  • Session Track: UX Design,Safe for Managers

Session Detail

This presentation is for people who need to understand usability in the context of their role, who want to improve their skills and take a more professional approach to it in their work. We'll look at a variety of methods and approaches to implementing usability in the real world.

The purpose of the presentation is not to train you to be a Usability Specialist, but rather, provide the tools you need to incorporate usability into your personal workflow. To achieve this, we will consider individual roles and see how they each interact.



Lisa Herrod (Sydney, Australia)

Lisa is the Principal User Experience consultant at Scenario Seven with over ten years of hands-on experience on the web. With a background in standards focused design and development, the past 5 years of her work has centred on design research, usability, accessibility and user experience strategy. Lisa believes in an inclusive, holistic approach to user experience design that permeates every layer of a site and every role on a team. More...

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Lisa Herrod
(Sydney, Australia)