WebDU 2011
WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference
Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Code Wars

All comers welcome -- no conference ticket required. Eight teams, short programming challenges, two projectors, loud crowd.. mildly impressive prizes. Are you Developer Enough? 6pm Start: Swiss Grand, Bondi Beach
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  • Difficulty: General
  • Session Track: Safe for Managers

Session Detail

Yes it's on again, bigger, better, and geekier! Brush off your combat keyboards and put a big red circle around May 5 in the time management tool of your choice, it's time to sort out the ANZ user groups code war champion for 2010.

6pm Start
Lobby Bar
Ground Floor,
Cnr Beach Road & Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach
Sydney, NSW 2026
PH: +61 2 9365 5666

Phone us if you get lost:
0424 581 566

We are looking for eight teams of four people to compete for the trophy, which someone will have to prise out of the hands of the rogue, python wielding team's stunning success last year. We already know of a few likely teams out there so there's not much time to let us know about yours.

To register your interest, fill in the application form below.

Tourney Rules

The competition will consist of three rounds:

  • A first-past-the-post programming challenge,
  • A free-form twenty minute application design/programming challenge, with the winner decided by audience applause, and
  • A final first-past-the-post, extra difficult programming challenge.

Note that programming implies at least some typing source code into a text editor which is then interpreted or compiled. Each team must provide it's own laptop with development tools (any technology is allowed) installed and ready. The only requirement is that the laptop display must run at 1024 x 768 in mirrored mode during the competition, and the laptop mush have the outputs and any adapters required to drive a VGA projector.

The final team list will be announced here in early May. Remember that you don't have to be a WebDU attendee to participate or watch the fun...


Robin Hilliard (Rocketboots, Australia)

Robin Hilliard is founder and CTO of RocketBoots, an innovative technology company providing advisory, application development and hard science services to some of Australia's leading organisations. From mobile apps and robots to RIAs, publishing workflow and computer vision applications, RocketBoots is out to prove that great software can change the world. More...

Robin Hilliard (Rocketboots, Australia)