WebDU 2011
WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference
Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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Building touch and native apps with HTML5

Taking a look at the major considerations in building native apps, common mobile UI frameworks and techniques for minimizing pain. Image optimization, minification, image unloading, data lazy loading, caching and more. A tour de force of frameworks, tools (including Sencha, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap and AIR). Learn how to take your mobile app native and avoid rejection on iTunes.

  • Difficulty: Fundamental


Adam Mark (Brightcove, USA)

Adam Mark is a developer advocate for Brightcove App Cloud, an end-to-end platform for building and managing content-driven apps. Before joining Brightcove, Adam developed user interfaces for enterprise software companies and served as technical director at an interactive agency in Washington, D.C. He's spent the last few years channeling all his Flash energy into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. More...

Adam Mark (Brightcove, USA)