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Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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BOF: Building Native Apps with Web Frameworks

How credible are native apps built on web technologies? Can you build for web and convert to native or do you have to maintain separate code bases? What web frameworks and build systems are you considering? Brightcove App Cloud, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, jquery mobile, PhoneGap/Cordova or something else.

  • Difficulty: General


Ted Patrick (Sencha, USA)

Ted Patrick currently holds the position of Director of Developer Relations at Sencha. He works with developers to create applications using web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Prior to Sencha, Ted worked at Barnes and Noble on NOOK Apps and on Flash & Flex at Adobe Systems. More...

John Bristowe (Telerik, Sydney)

John Bristowe (@JohnBristowe) is a Developer Evangelist with Telerik and is based out of Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining Telerik, he was a Senior Developer Evangelist with Microsoft. John enjoys all the meats of our technology stew, hacking on everything from angle brackets to .NET. John’s passion lies in modern web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. John is also an experienced speaker and frequently presents at developer conferences and events. Many moons ago, John was a member of the Microsoft Regional Director program and was awarded a Microsoft MVP award for his work in the developer community on technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, and the Microsoft Web services stack. More...

Adam Mark (Brightcove, USA)

Adam Mark is a developer advocate for Brightcove App Cloud, an end-to-end platform for building and managing content-driven apps. Before joining Brightcove, Adam developed user interfaces for enterprise software companies and served as technical director at an interactive agency in Washington, D.C. He's spent the last few years channeling all his Flash energy into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. More...

Brian Chau (Adobe, Australia)

Brian Chau is the Web Market Development Manager for Adobe Asia Pacific. He has been working for Adobe/Macromedia for over 10 years and is an Adobe Certified Expert in Dreamweaver and Flash. More...

Ted Patrick (Sencha, USA) John Bristowe (Telerik, Sydney) Adam Mark (Brightcove, USA) Brian Chau (Adobe, Australia)