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E-Learning for Rich Media Developers

So you’ve got plenty of microsites, web apps, and virals under your belt, then one of your clients approaches you to build an e-learning application. How should the way you go about it differ from all those other jobs you’ve done? Who should you involve in the process and when? How should you define the tasks involved, and what the hell is SCORM compliance anyway?

  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Session Track: Flex

Session Detail

Phil Douglas, Lead Flash Developer at MassMedia Studios presents a crash course in creating engaging e-learning applications from a developer's perspective, walking you through tales of real-world experiences to take the fear out of creating successful content.

Topics to be covered may include:

  • Differing types of e-learning solutions. Choosing the right approach
  • Defining learning outcomes to help you keep control of a project and assess its progress
  • Picking your team members. How the roles differ from a standard web application
  • Dealing with subject matter experts. Maximising the use of their knowledge
  • Blurring the boundaries between e-learning and marketing content
  • Choosing appropriate content for the medium, and presenting it in a relevant fashion
  • Handling government and non-government organisations vs. corporate clients
  • How an e-learning project affects the user interface choices you make
  • Demystifying SCORM and integrating your content with learning management systems


Phil Douglas (Sydney, Australia)

Born and raised in Wales, where he was part of the team behind the BAFTA winning BBC educational TV series Bobinogs, Phil was lured to the sunnier shores of Australia in 2004, working in creative web development before moving solely into the sordid world of flash. More...

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Phil Douglas
(Sydney, Australia)