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WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference
Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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2010 Conference Agenda At A Glance

Day 0: Wednesday, 05 May 2010
9AM-5PM (blank) (blank) (blank)
6.00PM Code Wars
All comers welcome -- no conference ticket required. Eight teams, short programming challenges, two projectors, loud crowd.. mildly impressive prizes. Are you Developer Enough? 6pm Start: Swiss Grand, Bondi Beach
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Day 1: Thursday, 06 May 2010
8.00AM Conference Registration
9.00AM Keynote: Building a Better Interweb
Speakers from Adobe ruminate on the future for Flash, HTML 5, and competing technologies.
10.30AM Morning Tea
Stream Team/UX Web I Web II Fl/Fx Cf
11.00AM Start-up: How to Get Going as a Web Entrepreneur Collis Ta'eed (Sydney, Australia) We are not Rock Stars Patrick Lee (Sydney, Australia) Raphaël — Vector on the Web Without Flash Dmitry Baranovskiy (Sydney, Australia) Augmented Reality in Unity 3D using FLARToolkit Ari Jacobs (Sydney, Australia) ColdFusion Evolutions Terry Ryan (Adobe, USA)
12.00PM Multi-touch, Multi-user, Multi-challenge: How to Design Gestural User Interfaces. Shane Morris (Automatic Studio, Melbourne) Who Moved My Mobile Marketplace Dale Rankine (CloudSherpas, Brisbane) (blank) Need for Speed Manoj Vekaria (Sydney, Australia) FW/1 - The Invisible Framework Andrew Mercer (Perth, Australia)
1.00PM Lunch: Buffet with sugar and spice and all things nice.
Stream Team/UX Web I Web II Fl/Fx Cf
2.00PM Software Requirements without Tears Robin Hilliard (Rocketboots, Australia) Next Generation Media Michael Kordahi (Sydney, Australia) Websites on Overdrive Philip Tellis (Log-Normal, USA) Like a Text Machine Andrew Muller (Sydney, Australia) ColdFusion and Sharepoint Integration Gary Crouch (Brisbane, Australia)
3.00PM Usability: Thinking about the user, not for them Richard Turner-Jones (Brisbane, Australia) Weaving the Modern Web Greg Rewis (Adobe, USA) Improve Your Development Process with GIT Lachlan Hardy (Microsoft, Australia) Creating high Performance mobile content with ActionScript 3 and Flash CS5 Mike Chambers (San Francisco, USA) RIAs Made Easy - ColdFusion & the Flash Platform Terry Ryan (Adobe, USA)
4.00PM Afternoon Tea
4.30PM Wireframes - From Screen Concepts to User Interaction Mia Horrigan (Zen Ex Machina, Canberra) Time off for good behaviour! Letting jQuery boost your ROI Craig Sharkie (Sydney, Australia) Productive Work Environment / Practices Peter Bell (New York City, USA) The Many Faces of Away 3D Rob Bateman (London, UK) Single Window 'Project and Server' Management Bhakti Pingale (Bangalore, India)
Stream Birds Of A Feather

Birds of a Feather is a special time slot set aside for like minds to get together and talk about their favourite niche subject. It follows an "unconference" style of organic, delegate contributed content. Be sure to look up the BOF whiteboard at the conference to see what's showing.

7.00PM+ Special Event: Epic Brasserie
Come and meet your friends, food and drink supplied! It'll be like Animal House - Toga! Toga!
Day Two: Friday, 07 May 2010
9.00AM Keynote: Hacking the Gibson Yahoo! and Microsoft Styles
Yahooligans and Microsoftians combine their powers like an RIA Voltron.
10.30AM Morning Tea
Stream Team/UX Web I Web II Fl/Fx Cf
11.00AM The Hotness of Agile Software Development Matthew Hodgson (Zen Ex Machina, Australia) Over the Fence - Designers and Developers Working Together Jordan Knight (Melbourne, Australia) It doesn't always have to be relational: Introduction into CouchDB Kai Koenig (Wellington, NZ) Component-based Flash Game Architecture Michael Plank (Germany) Dependency Injection Redefined - ColdSpring 2.0: Narwhal Mark Mandel (Melbourne, Australia)
12.00PM The Mobile User Experience Rod Farmer (Sydney, Australia) Design to Develop workflow Mike McHugh (Adobe, Australia) Building Better: Continuous Integration for RIAs Caleb Adam Haye (Berkeley, USA) Perfect Performance Profiling in Flex Rob Rusher (Denver, USA) Data Management for ColdFusion Hemant Khandelwal (Bangalore, India)
1.00PM Lunch: Buffet on the terrace with light entertainment
Stream Team/UX Web I Web II Fl/Fx Cf
2.00PM The Value of a Rubber Chicken: better team development through shame... and tools! Tim Buntel (Sydney, Australia) Casual Gaming: What Developers Need to Know Mike Downey (Seattle, USA) Pick and Mix Web APIs Tom Hughes-Croucher (San Francisco, USA) Accessibility in Flex Carly Gooch (Brisbane, Australia) Measuring Performance Improvements In ColdFusion Applications With Effective N-Tier Caching Mike Brunt (Los Angleles, USA)
3.00PM User Experience for Startups Lisa Herrod (Sydney, Australia) Towards HTML 5 for web design Brian Chau (Adobe, Australia) Extending Google Wave Pamela Fox (Sydney, Australia) Multi-touch and gesture support with the Flash Platform Andrew Spaulding (Melbourne, Australia) High Impact Information Systems using ColdFusion Rodrigo del Busto (Sydney, Australia)
4.00PM Afternoon Tea
4.30PM 2010 Speaker Roundtable & Awards
Its a Jerry Springer style round table of industry pundits and audience participation. Bring your questions 'cos here's your chance to get those burning issues off your chest. Plus, we announce the winners of this year's competitions.
5.30PM Conference Ends: Everyone goes home :(

Explanation of Difficulty Levels

Open to all audience types.
Aimed at newcomers to the subject matter.
Delegates have prior experience in the subject area.
Delegates have considerable experience in the subject area.