WebDU 2011
WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference
Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
webdu agenda for mobile

2012 Conference Agenda At A Glance

The agenda is complete! A totally awesome line-up of talent and topics awaits. For those with a mobile device, try our mini-mobile agenda - it evens works offline.

Day 0: Wednesday, 02 May 2012
9AM-5PM FREE WORKSHOP: Brightcove App Kitchen Adam Mark (Brightcove, USA)
Day 1: Thursday, 03 May 2012
8.00AM Conference Registration
9.00AM KEYNOTE: HTML5 & the rise of our mobile overlords
A sordid tale of resolutions, runtimes, and the ever expanding web.
10.30AM Morning Tea
Stream Beyond HTML Experience Team
11.00AM One code base to rule them all: Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari extensions Ian Grunert (Atlassian, Sydney) All Aboard: The Metro Design Language and what it Means to you Shane Morris (Automatic Studio, Melbourne) Make Your Website Fly! Varnish Cache Unleashed Geoff Bowers (Daemon, Australia)
12.00PM Understanding AngularJS’ role in building web applications Richard Turner-Jones (Brisbane, Australia) Hello Sencha: HTML5 Applications Ted Patrick (Sencha, USA) Make Awesome Web John Bristowe (Telerik, Sydney)
1.00PM Lunch: Buffet with sugar and spice and all things nice.
Stream Beyond HTML Experience Team
2.00PM Node.js - is that it? Jared Wyles (BigCommerce, Sydney) Mobile Meow: Bringing YouTube Videos to a Mobile World Greg Schechter (YouTube, USA) The new shiny of HTML5 Alex Danilo (Google, Sydney)
3.00PM HTML5: Game On! Vaughan Knight (Nokia, Sydney) The Unsubscribed – designing for conversion Mia Horrigan (Zen Ex Machina, Canberra) Requirements Makeover Robin Hilliard (Rocketboots, Australia)
4.00PM Afternoon Tea
4.30PM Behaviour-Driven Development in JavaScript Sebastiano Armeli-Battana (Melbourne, Australia) Being a UX team of one: Understanding your strengths and weaknesses Vince Baskerville (TripLingo, USA) Semantic HMTL 5 Terry Ryan (Adobe, USA)
Stream Birds Of A Feather: Panel Discussions
5.30PM BOF: Building Native Apps with Web Frameworks Ted Patrick (Sencha, USA) BOF: HTML5: Silver bullet or standards hodgepodge? Alex Danilo (Google, Sydney) BOF: Agile for web teams: reality or fantasy? Matthew Hodgson (Zen Ex Machina, Australia)
7.00PM+ DRINKS: The Kent Street Living Room
Just a quick walk up the road; join us for a drink at the luxurious Kent Street Living Room from 7PM.
Day Two: Friday, 04 May 2012
9.00AM KEYNOTE: 8 Powers to Building Greatness
It's an intriguing title but we don't want to give away too much. Expect awesome.
10.30AM Morning Tea
Stream Beyond HTML Experience Team
11.00AM Windows 8: An Adventure in Javascript Lachlan Hardy (Microsoft, Australia) The Future of HTML5 Motion Design Terry Ryan (Adobe, USA) Mr Spock, Consumerise the Enterprise Dale Rankine (CloudSherpas, Brisbane)
12.00PM Lifting the Lid on JS Libraries Craig Sharkie (Sydney, Australia) Understanding Responsive Web Design John Bristowe (Telerik, Sydney) Cryptography for developers Kai Koenig (Wellington, NZ)
1.00PM Lunch: Buffet on the terrace with light entertainment
Stream Beyond HTML Experience Team
2.00PM Building touch and native apps with HTML5 Adam Mark (Brightcove, USA) Talking Less Sass(y) Richard Turner-Jones (Brisbane, Australia) Hooking the Internet up to everything Marcus Schappi (Ninja Blocks, Sydney)
3.00PM jQuery Mobile for a touch-optimised web experience for mobile devices Brian Chau (Adobe, Australia) Transformations — CSS, SVG, how they are done & how they should be done Dmitry Baranovskiy (Sydney, Australia) The Trouble with Time Travel Matthew Hodgson (Zen Ex Machina, Australia)
4.00PM Afternoon Tea
4.30PM Speaker Roundtable & Awards
Its the traditional Jerry Springer style round table of industry pundits and audience participation. Bring your questions 'cos here's your chance to get those burning issues off your chest.
5.30PM Conference Ends: Everyone goes home :(