WebDU 2011
WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference
Thurs 3rd - Fri 4th May 2012 Sydney, Australia
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About webDU

webDU 2008 Plenary

webDU is the premier Antipodean Web Technology Conference, taking place 3-4 May 2012 in Sydney, Australia. This is the tenth year the conference will be held.

webdu conference team

  • phone: +61 2 8090 9394 (Sydney, Australia)
  • skype. daemonites
  • enquiries: [email protected]
  • sponsorship: [email protected]
  • registration: [email protected]

Just when you thought we couldn't get any bigger, webDU now encompasses a larger spectrum of web technologies and will bring you the best of web technologies, ideas and what the future holds not to mention a bevvy of top class international and Australian speakers on the agenda.

The conference offers the opportunity to get hands-on technical training, gain new skills, hear breaking news from the Web Industry, network with peers and industry leaders, and ultimately become more successful developing and delivering web applications. Nowhere else in ANZ can this audience find the volume and quality of information available under one roof at webDU.

Eight years ago, Geoff Bowers & Julie Steadman recognised the importance of having an annual conference in Australia that delved into the world of web development....that's when MXDU was born. In 2006 the conference took on the new name webDU so as to include a wider scope of web technology.

The conference has grown each year, taking in all the changes within the industry. webDU is at the forefront of web development conferences in the Asia Pacific offering previews of new technology, access to a wide spectrum of international and national speakers as well as networking opportunities.

The conference team:

  • Geoff Bowers (Conference Manager & Director of Daemon)
  • Julie Steadman (Director of Conference Goodness & Director of Daemon)
  • Vanessa Torrisi (Conference Wunderkind)

webDU is proudly brought to you by Daemon Internet Consultants - internet consultants by day & conference organisers by night.